Curriculum Vita

Christopher R. Thomas

Spring 2017



Department of Economics

College of Arts and Sciences

University of South Florida

4202 E. Fowler Ave. CMC342

Tampa, FL  33620-5700

Telephone:  813-974-6546

Fax:  813-974-6510




Ph.D., Economics, Texas A&M University, December 1980

B.S., Economics, Texas A&M University, December 1975


Professional Positions

August 1988 – present, Associate Professor of Economics, University of South Florida

Sept. 2004 – 2010, Exide Professor of Sustainable Enterprise, University of South Florida

June 1982 – July 1988, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of South Florida

August 1980 – May 1982, Energy Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Areas of Specialization

Managerial Economics

Economics of Business Strategy and Organization

Government Regulation and Antitrust

Energy Economics


Teaching Experience



Managerial Economics

Economics of Regulation & Antitrust

Economics of Business Strategy

Principles of Microeconomics

Intermediate Price Theory

Introduction to Econometrics

Mathematical Economics

Basic Math for Economics & Finance


Managerial Economics (MBA, Executive MBA)

Issues in Regulation & Antitrust (MA, MBA, PhD)

Economics of Organization (MA, MBA, PhD)

Economics of Sustainable Enterprise (MBA)

Economic Concepts (MBA)

Industrial Organization (MA)

Econometrics I (MA)

Econometrics II (MA, PhD)

Mathematical Economics (MA)




“Market Price” and “Quasi Rent,” with William F. Shughart II, The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management, David Teece and Mie Augier, eds., Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.

“Managerial Economics: Introduction and Overview,” with William F. Shughart, in Oxford Handbook of Managerial Economics, Oxford University Press, forthcoming April 2013.

“Public Subsidies and the Location and Pricing of Sports,” with Philip Porter, Southern Economic Journal, January 2010.

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Book Review for Managerial and Decision Economics, November/December, 16(6) 1995: Governing the Postal Service, edited by J. Gregory Sidak, American Enterprise Institute Press.

"Trends and Forecasts of Florida's Transportation Needs," with R. McHugh and B. Keitgen, Center for Urban Transportation Research (University of South Florida) and the Florida State Transportation Policy Initiative, October 1993.

“Geographic Deregulation and New Bank Entry in Florida,” with Richard J. Rivard, Atlantic Economic Journal, June 1990.

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“Taxation and Vertical Integration in the Petroleum Industry,” Oil and Gas Tax Quarterly, December 1986.

“An Economic Analysis of Export Performance and Export-Import Linkage Requirements,” with Mark G. Herander, Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 1986.

Book Review for the Southern Economic Journal, October 1984: The World Tin Market: Political Pricing and Economic Competition, by William Baldwin.

"Recommendation for the Analysis of Nonfuel Mineral Supply," with Russell Lee, Bureau of Mines, U. S. Department of Interior, March 1983.

"Validation Report: An Assessment of the EUREKA Mining and Milling Model," with J. H. Marable, G. de Saussure, and L. Stewart, Energy Information Administration, U. S. Department of Energy, DOE/EIA-0368, September 1982.

“A Theory of the Vertically Integrated Input Monopolist,” Southern Economic Journal, January 1981.

"A Survey of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Codes," with G. de Saussure and J. H. Marable, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ORNL/TM-7747, April 1981.

"Economic Evaluation of the Short-Term Nuclear Power Production Simulator Model," Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1980.



Sloan Foundation Industry Center Development Grant ($250,000) for Center for Applied Research in Medical Devices (CareMed) with Delores Gooding, Kingsley Reeves, and Gabriel Picone, 2006.



Oxford Handbook of Managerial Economics, co-editor with William F. Shughart II, Oxford University Press, ISBN 9780199782956, 2013.

Managerial Economics: Foundations of Business Analysis and Strategy, with S. Charles Maurice, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 12th edition 2016.

Managerial Economics, Chinese Language Edition, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2013.


Work in Progress

With Brad Kamp and Brian Hornung: Empirical investigation of the effects of hedging jet fuel prices on airline pricing behavior and competition in the airline industry. Work to be presented at Southern Economic Association meetings November 2017.

With Brian Hornung: Economic impact of Generation IV nuclear power technologies on power generation and transmission.

With Brad Kamp: Extending the buying market share model employed in Thomas/Kamp paper (Review of Law and Economics 2006) to the case of rivals competing in quantities (instead of competing in prices) with differentiated products.

Examining short-run time-series forecasting models for crude oil and gasoline to see if it would be possible to improve forecasting performance of the time-series approach by including EIA inventory data, which would add reduced form structural information to the time-series model.


Research Presentations

“Tying Arrangements in Antitrust Cases and the Relevant Market for Determining Market Power,” with Philip Porter was presented at the Southern Economic Association Meetings, November 2000.

“Predatory Pricing as an Agency Problem: Implications for Antitrust Policy,” presented at the Southern Economic Association Meetings, November 1997.

"Faux Predation in Markets with Imperfect Information on Product Quality," with Brad Kamp, presented at the Southern Economic Association Meetings, November 1995.

“Growth and the Risk-Return Anomaly in the Accounting Returns of Banking Firms,” with Richard Rivard, presented at the Southern Finance Association Meetings, November 1995.

"Impacts of Interstate Banking on Bank Holding Company Profitability, Risk, and Asset Structure," with Richard Rivard and Patricia Roberts, presented at the Southern Economic Association Meetings, November 1993.

"Bank Profitability, Commercial Bank Lending, and Interstate Banking: Some Empirical Evidence" with Richard Rivard and Patricia Roberts, presented at the Eastern Finance Association Meetings, April 1992.

"Interstate Banking and Competition in Local Banking: Evidence from Florida", with Richard Rivard, presented at the Southern Economics Association Meetings, November 1991.

"An Economic Analysis of Trade Performance Policies," with Mark Herander, invited presentation to the Economics Group, Chase Manhattan Bank, November 1985.

"Geographic Deregulation and the Contestability of Local Banking Markets," with R. Rivard, presented the Southern Economic Association Meetings, November 1987.

"Statewide Branch Banking and De Novo Entry: The Evidence From Florida," with R. J. Rivard, presented at the Southern Economic Association Meetings, November 1986.

"A Measure of the Perceived Cost to Consumers of Product Defects: The Value of Lemon Insurance," with Charles W. Smithson, presented at the Southwest Economics Association Meetings, March 1984.

"Problems and Prospects in Forecasting Mineral Prices." Seminar presented at Denison University as part of their Visiting Professionals Program funded by The Mellon Grant, Fall 1981.

"An Economic Analysis of the Uranium Supply Industry," Seminar presented at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Economic Analysis Section seminar series, August 1981.

"Behavior of the Vertically Integrated Mineral Monopsonist: Some Alternative Conclusions," with S. C. Maurice, presented at the Western Economic Association Meetings, July 1981.


Other Professional Activities

Co-Chair and Introductory Speaker: First Annual College of Business Administration Symposium on Building Sustainable Enterprise, April 7, 2006.

Attended: Association of Private Enterprise Education annual conference, Spring 2005.

Chairman: Southern Economic Association Meetings, Commercial Banking, 1987, Empirical Industrial Organization, 1993.

Discussant: Electric Power Research Institute, 1980, Southern Economic Association Meetings, 1983, 1986, 1995, 1997, 2000.

Panelist: “General Economics and Teaching of Economics” at the Southern Economics Association Meetings, 1994.

Participant: AEA-NCEE-Lilly Teacher Training Workshop at Sugarloaf Conference Center of Temple University in Philadelphia, May 19-22, 1994.



Graduate Business Association’s Best Economics Professor, 1998

Teaching Incentive Program Awards, 1993/94 and 1996/97

David J. and Hellen C. Kahn Teaching Award, 1994

Honorary Initiate Beta Gamma Sigma, 1994

Teacher of the Year Award, University Student Advisor Magazine, 1989


Professional Service

Third-Year review, Boris Nikolaev, Oxford College of Emory University, 2015.

Editorial Advisory Board, Oxford Handbook (Online Series), 2012-14.

Referee: Southern Economic Journal, Social Science Quarterly, European Journal of Law and Economics

Outside reviewer, tenure & promotion, Robert Brown at the University of North Texas, 1996

Outside reviewer, tenure & promotion, Todd Jewel, University of North Texas, 2000.


University Service

FESC seed grant evaluation committee, 2009-2010.

Sloan Industry Center Committee member, 2006

Ad Hoc Committee on the Establishment of a Department of Statistics, 1994

University Honors Theses Directed: Mark Addington (1999), Kathy Smith (2000), Katie Mierau (2001, Chair), Sean Campbell (2004, Chair), Jeremiah Pederson (2006, Chair), Lauren McAnany (2006, Co-chair), Rene Hughes (2007, Chair), James Stapleton (2013, chair), Dana Williams (2013), Kirsti Outlan (2014), Alan Wachter (2015)


College of Arts and Sciences Service

CAS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 2009-2014


College of Business Service

Co-chair (with Sharon Hanna-West and Don Fell) First Annual College of Business Administration Symposium on Building Sustainable Enterprise, April 7, 2006.

Ph.D. Doctoral Dissertation Committee Member: Taiwo Abimbola, Rui Dai, Victoria Perk, Brian Hornung (Chair).

COB Graduate Policy Committee, 2003-4, 2004-5, 2005-6, 2006-7, 2007-8, 2008-9

COB Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 1992-1999

  • Designed and provided oversight for implementation of new Business Mathematics course for business majors
  • Chair, COB Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 1996-97, 1997-98
  • AACSB accreditation report
  • COB Business Core RevisionCOB Strategic Planning Committee, 1994-95
  • Chair, COBA Faculty Council, 1992/93  
  • Served as “bus driver” for “Faculty Governance” team
  • Served as “bus driver” for “Undergraduate Curriculum” team
  • COB Strategic Planning Committee, 2001-2002
  • Served Undergraduate Programs subcommitteeTIP Review Committee 1994President of Beta Gamma Sigma, 1995-96Served on three Ph.D. committeesKahn Teaching Award (review committee, 2001)
  • COB Freshman Advising Session, 1996
  • Coauthored and graded the economics segment of the Ph.D. preliminary exam 1991
  • Faculty member of Delta Sigma Pi
  • COB Faculty Executive Committee, 2001-2002

Executive MBA Theses Directed: Larry Maloney (2002), James Arohnson (2004), Cecil Stringer (2005)


Department Service

Undergraduate Policy Committee, 1992-1999 (Chair), 2002-2010

Undergraduate Program Director for the Economics Department, 1993-1999

Chair, Ad Hoc Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 1994/95 and 95/96

  • Revised economics undergraduate major and minor
  • Changed Price Theory to Managerial Economics as the intermediate microeconomics required of business majorsChair, Departmental Research Committee 1992Served on numerous M.A. oral examination committees
  • Econometrics Recruiting Committee 1991-92
  • Committee A, 1986, 1987(chair), 1991, 1992, 1996, 2000-1(chair)

Directed numerous Independent Studies

Organized summer workshop, "Microeconomics Theory Workshop" 1992

Organized "Teaching Economics Workshop" series (one of one), 1994


Community Service

Served as a guest economist on TV show hosted by the Green Party: “Economics Can Sustain Us All”, November 2014.

Oracle news interview: March 2011

Television news interview: Florida Focus, March 2011

Television news interview: Warren Elly, Fox News, October 26, 2005.

Past Participant in Hillsborough County Teach-In Program